Five Ways Extras Predicted the Future

Ricky and Steve’s second sitcom Extras finished back in 2007 with Andy Millman shunning his C-list celebrity life in favour of his friendship with Maggie. In the years since the show ended several of its fictional scenarios have come to life, below are our top five.

1. Kate Winslet does a holocaust movie… wins an Oscar.

Kate Winslet wins best actress in 2009

“If you do a film about the Holocaust, you’re guaranteed an Oscar” were the prophetic words of Kate Winslet in episode three of series one. In the show she played a nun during World War II as well as giving Maggie tips on phone sex. After five unsuccessful Oscar nominations she finally won in 2009 for The Reader.

2. Steve gives a homeless man twenty quid.

After becoming famous for starring in When the Whistle Blows, Andy is recognised in the street by a homeless man who wishes him good luck with the show. Not wanting to appear callous, Andy offers to give the man some money only to realise the smallest amount he had was a twenty pound note. The very same thing happened to Steve not long afterwards as he recounted on his radio show in the above clip.

3. Lionel Blair does Celebrity Big Brother.


At Andy Millman’s lowest ebb he agrees to be thrown to the lions by appearing on Celebrity Big Brother alongside other ‘celebs’ such as June Sarpong, Chico from X-factor and Lionel Blair. Lionel would later go on to appear in the real life 2014 edition of the show, where his and the other housemates’ exploits made the Extras version look like Panorama by comparison.

4. Ricky gets caught up in a media furore.

Much like Andy Millman when he asked for a disabled boy to be ejected from a restaurant, Ricky found himself caught up in disability-related media storm when he refused to stop using the term ‘mong’ on social media. After articles across the British press and complaints from disability groups he relented and apologised for any offence caused. He is yet to buy anyone an Xbox.

5. Samuel L. Jackson gets mistaken for Laurence Fishburne.


Being interviewed on a local news show about his role in the upcoming Robocop movie, Jackson was asked about his appearance in a recent Superbowl ad. The ad in question actually featured Matrix star Laurence Fishburne and much like Maggie in Extras the news anchor had confused the two. Needless to say, Jackson didn’t take it quite as well as his fictional self did on the show.

If you’ve noticed any other eerily similar events to what unfolded in Extras, let us know in the comments below. Has Ross Kemp headbutted a horse? Has Daniel Radcliffe thrown a condom at Dame Diana Rigg? Has Ricky made a camp catchphrased-based shitcom for the thick demographic? or has Robert Lindsay serenaded a cancer ward?

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