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Pilkipedia's 100 Greatest RSK Moments

Talk about all other things related to Ricky, Steve and Karl.

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Pilkipedia's 100 Greatest RSK Moments

Postby it's_a_foodage » Fri 01 Aug, 2008 1:27 pm

Ok so I want to put together a list of the 100 greatest moments voted by Pilkipedians. You can vote for a minimum of 3 moments and a maximum of 20 moments. You votes MUST be in order, Greatest First. I'll use a system where each person's first choice gets 20 points, 2nd choice gets 19 etc. You can edit or add to your voting list whenever you want.

The List is now up!


I'll start with my own list:

1. Kick it and call it a Knobhead
2. Karl goes "a bit mental" (lateral thinking puzzle)
3. Horse in the House
4. . . . And a cat that didn't look happy
5. Vera The Pig
6. It's a Foodage
7. F*cking socks in rubber c*nting bags
8. People with no legs who want to be swimmers: DON'T BE STUPID!
9. Karl's film with clive Warren
10. Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaars Bar bar bar.
11. Shadow knocking about "It started pushing people off their bikes"
12. Monkey News - Chatshow with Cher
13. Karl's First Poem "If moths had eyes . . . "
14. Look at the Gleam on that.
15. Forresr Gump in a Wheelie Bin
16. Karl's diary - Gran Canaria - "It's the greatest holiday in the world!"
17. A dog has human eyes
18. Karl's Dad on bike helmets: "You look ridiculous"
19. "Rodney you Plonker!", "Don't call me a plonker you Fr*uu*ukc*king Wnn*nnnk*rrerr"
20. Karl's Stung by a bee playing whilst playing football (after half time)
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Postby ScottHanson » Fri 01 Aug, 2008 4:52 pm

1. Horse in the house.
2. Karl celebrates beating Ricky with his lateral thinking puzzle.
3. F*cking socks in rubber c*nting bags.
4. Ricky gives his spin on various urban legends. "Shall I wrap them? Them? it. It, shall I wrap? Just wrap, whatever it is."
5. Karl showing a bit of arse to the woman opposite. "What's up with you Suzanne!!"
6. Elvis faking his own death. "There has to be sh*t involved"
7. If it's all about arse, why don't gays like tit?
8. You have got a letter Hargreaves... from Ricky Gervais.
9. Steve's knob out, glasses off Rio incident.
10. You're muscley.
11. "Ribbit, ribbit, Froggy says buy it."
12. Dennis Norden impression "Can't my son take over? Well he's 84 Dennis."
13. "Never forget son. I don't remember dad."
14. Man-Woman-Man. "Who's that pleasing? Well he wakes up in the morning and pleases himself. He doesn't know where to start."
15. Bloke calls in trying to get Bowie tickets and Steve tells him to piss off, in the context of him pleading for Springsteen tickets.
16. Gay chat. Steve walks in on the blokes in the toilets and Karl gets the Best Bum in W1 card.
17. Arse. Wipe. Tick.
18. Karl buys Ricky and Steve gifts at the end of season one.
19. Karl in a Film: Planet of the Apes.
20. Ricky's "Cheeky Little Devil" intro.
Steve: No Elvis, it's a good idea, I'm just wondering if there's maybe something a little bit more glamorous for your fake death, I mean maybe you could take a bullet for the president?
Ricky: Huh, what and shit all over him? Just shit myself?
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Postby Dan_RSK » Fri 01 Aug, 2008 5:12 pm

1. Ricky's only fools and horses impression.
2. Karl going mental over lateral puzzle with lighthouse.
3. Steve in the sea at Rio.

That's my 3. This is a great idea by the way.
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Postby Boy In The Bin » Fri 01 Aug, 2008 6:31 pm

woot, a good thread for once!

i'll definitely get me thinking cap on
...Yay! It's Warwick Davis in a bucket!
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Postby the cheeky freak » Sat 02 Aug, 2008 1:13 am

1. Monkey News- Alfred the Monkey foils a bank robbery. Afterwards, Alfred used the cash to negotiate the release of his fellow monkeys from the local zoo.
2. Karl's Poems- Blind Moth
3. Horse in the House
4. "Man moth"
5. Rockbusters- If there was a Jamaican fella on the Titanic, he might have screamed this. (CD) = Chris DeBurgh (Christ, de berg!)
6. Steve in Rio. "Oh, I couldn't have helped you with your glasses off and your knob out."
7. Karl in Little Donkey "He looks like a right twat."
8. Forrest Gump in a wheelie bin.
9. "And a cat that didn't look happy."
10. Karl showing a bit of arse to the woman opposite. "What's up with you Suzanne!!"
11. Men In Black "Steve, he could have been your brother."
12. Elvis faking his own death. "There has to be sh*t involved"
13. If It's All About Arse, Why Don't Gays Like Tit?
14. Karl goes on a blind date and is annoyed that he spent money on someone who is just going to "die on him".
15. Parrots Blood
16. Karl's Diary- Karl has dinner with Suzanne and notices that a child had ordered a sorbet before his next course. Karl goes on to state that this boy "thought he was it".
17. Karl in a Film- When Harry Met Sally
18. Karl does impressions then beats Ricky at lateral puzzles and "goes a bit mental".
19. Cheeky Freak of the Week "Why wasn't he looking both ways?"
20. Songs of Phrase "Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaars Bar bar bar."
"The voices are back. Excellent."

- Dexter Season 2
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Postby Barrylad » Sat 02 Aug, 2008 1:37 am

1. Ricky pissing in the sink/pissing on jane/Jane's mam was listening
2. Manhole Cover on a nuclear bomb.. "never saw it again"
3. Man-Woman-Man conversation. "That just looks a mess" Etc.
4. Elvis shitting himself.
5. "I just think of you and your dad watching Channel 5 'When Apes go Mental, and he just turns and says 'You know who killed Diana don't you? Flower companies son' 'Right, you're not wrong dad'.
6. Half way through the re-introduction of Rockbusters - "Ding Dong!" "Hang on, who's this?!"
7. "It's always Guatemala or Mexico that these things happen, it's always 'Rodriguez nana born without a knob lookily ehuhuh baby next-door ehuh two knobs.' What a load of shite! Play a record!"
8. "Why would you be naked?" "To catch 'em out."
9. Ricky and Karl's golfing trip.
10. Ricky and Karl's discussion about disability, autism and the "cyclop" during series 4.
11. Steve in Rio
12. Ollie the monkey (podcast)
13. K. Dilkington
14. First Educating Ricky: Alien Gives Man A Beard
15. "Karl Pilkington, he just takes takes takes, destroyed a man!"
16. Karl In Film: A Few Good Men
17: Ricky cracking up during Rockbusters; China Crisis, Mister Mister, Bill Wyman (think of what you're gonna say and say it! etc)
18. Cheeky Freak of the Week. "The Weirdest couple ever to get married" "Was it your parents?"
19. Forrest Gump in a Wheelie Bin.
20. Karl's brother in the army. (Chuck, tank to shops, "if you don't get a job soon son you're joining the army", sleeping with sergeant's wife, don't go out with German Woman cos they'll beat you and that cos they don't like English Army Man")

Fantastic thread idea

Edit: I had others but it was so hard deciding and i couldn't put em into a particular place...

Dennis Nordon's piss take

"You're not winding me up are you Steve, cos if I go over there and see it's really 940 pounds, and i think it should be, I'll be really annoyed, cos I would love to pay 100 quid for that piece of shite on my dresser"

Steve and the white van men

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'how can you.. HAHAHAHAH!'

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Postby the cheeky freak » Sat 02 Aug, 2008 5:03 am

edit: no.
"The voices are back. Excellent."

- Dexter Season 2
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Postby squeek » Sat 02 Aug, 2008 5:12 am

the cheeky freak wrote:Ricky getting extreamly annoyed and angry with Karl are my favorite moments.

I'm just the opposite. I'll try to get a list together, but it's going to be difficult. I expect to have a fair amount of Steve on mine.
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Postby Ho_Lee_Fook » Sat 02 Aug, 2008 5:54 am

I like this. Definitely make it an official thing so many people partake in this. Good work!
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Postby Christ De Berg! » Sat 02 Aug, 2008 7:19 am

1. Christ De Berg!
2. Monkey foils bank robbery
3. Forrest Gump in a wheelie bin
4. Karl fails to give Steve an important message
5. Karl gets nervous about Ricky's "Ho Lee Fook" character
6. "Oi, Karl! You paid me milk bill for the month. That were reet nice!"
7. Manhole cover / nuclear bomb. ("Something WEIRD is going on there!")
8. A letter addressed to Mr. Dilkington
9. Old Mother Hubbard
10. "Rodney, you plonker!"
Probably... just find a loose-fitting jumper, go to the doctor's.
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Postby trent » Sat 02 Aug, 2008 7:23 am

1. Fat baby, Fat baby!
2. Worlds smallest man leaning on an apple.
3. "Suzanne if your listening, Go and have a wash or something"
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Postby Buy-on-Ferry » Sat 02 Aug, 2008 8:40 am

1. "Rodney, you plonker!"
2. "F*cking socks in a rubber c*nting bag!"
3. "Did he take any women back there? Ahoy"
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Postby castor » Sat 02 Aug, 2008 10:03 am

1) Shed Seven have split up... YOU ARE JOKING!
2) Just let them play Swingball
3) Steve getting Jealous of Ricky and Jonathan Ross
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Postby it's_a_foodage » Sat 02 Aug, 2008 12:58 pm

the cheeky freak wrote:1. Every Monkey News. Also... "A bit of a Monkey Bonus."
2. Karl's Diary
3. Karl's Poems
6. Rockbusters
17. Karl in a Film

These are too vague. You have to be more specific.

the cheeky freak wrote:For me, there were too many great Monkey news and karl's diary moments that they had to be lumped together on my list. If we were to break it down, conversation by conservation, The Monkey News' and The Diary would have taken up the entire list for me, besides a few other great moments that are on my list.

It doesn't matter if most of your list is made up of monkey news. On a top 100 list a lot of the monkey newses deserve to make an appearance and they won't unless people are voting for them.
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Postby mbee904 » Sat 02 Aug, 2008 1:50 pm

1, I'd kick it, and i'd say... you knobhead
2, Ricky's comedy characters
3, Deaf, dumb and blind does he even know he is playing pinball?
4, You look wonderfult onight, Karl's interpretation
5, Getting annoyed about pancake day? have em when you want
6, "foodage" "grippage"
7, Ricky embarassing himself saying everything is dark at night
8, Baby looking like a frog
9, Any time he disses steve
10, When Karl is ill and they try and ring him
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