Hello Ladies: Episode Three Review



Episode three of Hello Ladies and it’s make or break time, for me.

I’ve enjoyed the series so far but felt like it has a lot more potential left in the tank. The good news is that this episode continues in the same vain as the previous two. The bad news is that I didn’t think that it took it any further.

The episode starts with Stuart taking part in a yoga class, ogling the women around him. We’re constantly reminded of these slightly unpleasant aspects of his personality, which makes it harder to root for him when he finds himself in a vulnerable situation. After an amusing pratfall involving a fridge full of drinks, he manages to score a date with the woman behind the till. Success!

Of course, it wouldn’t be Hello Ladies if it involved success. Their dinner date is full of gags about Stuart being thrifty with his money, as he ropes the waiter into trying to get his date to avoid picking any of the expensive items on the menu. There are some funny moments here, I felt it went on a tiny bit too long though.

After the date, Stuart sends several text messages expressing interest in a second date, which go ignored. He concocts a vicious email with the help of his friend Rory, when, lo and behold, she replies after all! She just had some personal stuff to deal with. So we’ve gone from “Oh, she’s ignoring him. Poor guy” to “Well that’s a bit nasty of him” to “She replied! Good for him” in the space of thirty seconds, which is difficult.

They end up going on their second date, but she is playing with her phone constantly. She excuses herself temporarily, and Stuart uses this opportunity to glance at her phone, to see that she is texting ‘Alex’. Stuart is gutted that she is texting another man, so after he drops her off at home, he hides in her bushes to try and eavesdrop. The visual of Stuart’s gangly legs climbing over the bushes is great, as is the part where his cover is blown by his phone ringing. After he is caught, he shows his first real example of vulnerability, explaining his insecurities. He begs for one more date, and she accepts. What a happy ending! He says goodbye to her roommate, who he calls Alex, only to find that she is not Alex. Alex turns out to be her leukemia-ridden brother, and an off-colour remark from Stuart ends with him being dumped on the spot. The episode ends with him back to square one.

Hello Ladies is an enjoyable way to spend half an hour, and my favourite of Ricky, Steve and Karl’s solo outings. I just think that it is capable of being even more, but never the less, I still recommend it to anyone who is a fan.

- Martin.

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