Karl Pilkington and Suzanne [Not Pictured]


Many, many people end up on Pilkipedia and other Karl-related fan sites after searching for terms like “Karl and Suzanne”, “Karl girlfriend”, “Karl Pilkington Suzanne”.

Mainly for two reasons:

1) Suzanne has been mentioned in some of Karl’s greatest moments – the condoms for Christmas incident, “let’s talk about her fat arse”, Dave Hill from Slade, “how do you freeze time?” and many others.

2) Suzanne has never appeared in any of the podcasts or Karl’s TV shows or with him at an event and as such there’s never been a confirmed photo of the lady in question. Obviously this leads to curiosity.


On the Pilkipedia forums we’ve always been of the opinion that it’s obvious Suzanne is not interested in the limelight or being a celebrity and as such Rule 3 on the Pilkipedia Forums states:

Have you found a secret picture of Suzanne? Did you work out Ricky’s address? Do you know where Steve gets his shopping done? Well, we don’t want to know.“.

This hasn’t stopped many people posting pictures that turned out just to be random women or using their ‘intuition’ to find a clip of someone that was “definitely” Suzanne.

The Fake Picture

Pages such as this one have become particularly popular:


The poster claims the following picture is Suzanne, when in fact a quick search reveals it to be a diabetes nurse called Suzanne Keigan who lives in St. Helens.

A diabetes nurse

The actual lady in question.

The Fake Video

This video [since taken down] of Karl leaving the Sky offices has been passed around the internet as a “clip of Karl and Suzanne”, the only evidence appearing to be that Karl is in the video and… so is a woman.


It is in fact someone who works for Sky One, the channel Karl’s An Idiot Abroad and Moaning of Life shows appear on. The fact that the woman is many years younger than Karl and opens the door for him without getting in would probably suggest to anyone using a certain amount of logic, that it’s not his long-term partner.

The Fake Fake

Our final fake was actually intended to be so and was created by the writer of this blog as an April Fool’s Joke in 2009. The story was chosen completely randomly and some of the text edited to give the impression it was Suzanne.

April Fools

It fooled a few people before the prank was revealed, but has also gone on to fool many more who overlooked the context or the editing of the original post. Apologies if that applies to anyone reading this!

The End

The mystery of Suzanne was even alluded to in the HBO animated series The Ricky Gervais Show, as you’ll see in the featured image of this blog post. As Karl recounts the story of showing the woman in the flat opposite a bit of arse, we only ever see the back of Suzanne’s head!

Many people have posted pictures on our forums over the years purporting to be Suzanne, they’ve almost all been wrong and even if they weren’t… does it matter? Some things should remain a mystery.

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