Logan’s Heroes

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A new trailer has been revealed for upcoming X-men deci-quel, and third film in the standaloneĀ ”Wolverine” series, “Logan”. Starring Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart and everyone’s favourite ten-foot tall mutant, Stephen Merchant. Not much is known about the plot as of now, except thatĀ ”Logan” takes place years in an apocalyptic post-”X-Men: Days of Future Past” future.

Steve will play Caliban, a mutant that first appeared in the comics in 1981, who has the power to sense the presence of other mutants and track them. He also can use an ability to channel the emotions of other to enhance his own strength, though it’s not clear if this will also apply to the movie version.

Merchant is no stranger to the big screen, having previously starred in Movie 43, Hall Pass, and Men in Black 2.

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