Hello Ladies: Episode Four review

  The latest episode of Stephen Merchant’s ‘Hello Ladies’, The Dinner, is perhaps the most fully realised and well executed outing to date in the series. The episode hits upon some great comic moments whilst also managing to make the episode’s subplots feel less like filler, and more like avenues through which the world... more →
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Hello Hello Ladies

Steve Merchant on the set of Hello Ladies struggling with the iOS7.
Steve Merchant on the set of Hello Ladies struggling with the iOS7. HBO will premiere Stephen Merchant’s sitcom “Hello Ladies” at 10:30pm Eastern time on September 29. Based on his stand-up special, the show follows the exploits of Stuart, a lonely man looking to share his emotions – or get lucky. Lee Eisenberg... more →
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A right load of tweets

Pilkipedia’s social media has been kicking into high gear as of late. Click on the icons on the left to “like” our Facebook page, or to follow us on Twitter as we expand our efforts to spread The Gospel of Karl to the furthest reaches of the little roundy globe. And, of course, there’s always the PilkipediaTV... more →
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Steve Merchant teases

Steve Merchant and HBO have teamed up to turn the goggle-eyed funnyman’s “Hello Ladies” stand-up tour into a sitcom. The show will follow the exploits of Stuart, a man looking for love or the temporary biological equivalent. It is scheduled to air in September, and last night HBO released the first “teaser”... more →
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Be Round…Rewound

It’s time for our once-every-few-year Pilkipedia Rewind. Forum members started with the pre-Karl Pilkington Xfm shows and are currently giving a listen to the weekly shows that started it all. We’ll be taking several months to listen to the catalog of radio programmes, podcasts, and audiobooks. Join us in the forum to... more →
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