Derek: Series Review

The Office and Extras are truly my favourite live-action TV comedies. So when Life’s Too Short came around I was very much anticipating the show, and in the end I found it to be silly, stupid, and forgettable. I did enjoy catching each episode, once I got used to what the show was, but in no way have I ever wanted to revisit... more →
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Wiki Gervais

As you may well know, the hub of has always been our extensive wiki covering every aspect of Ricky, Steve and Karl’s work. As well as episode pages for each and every Xfm show and podcast we also have pages on The Office, Extras, Life’s Too Short,Derek and much much more. We have recently held... more →
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David Brent Rises

Ricky has today announced via a YouTube video the return of his most iconic character, everyone’s least favourite boss David Brent. The return is part of the upcoming Comic Relief extravaganza and you can check out the preview here. Although Brent briefly appeared in the American office as part of Michael Scott’s farewell... more →
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Froggy says donate!

Self-proclaimed Derek fanatic and new Pilkipedia forum member, Tadpole Hitler, recently brought to our attention a charity project he has set up to help “Friends of the Elderly.” Tadpole Hitler’s fan site,, has achieved some overnight success and won favour with the man himself, Gervais, for... more →
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