Pilkingtons End (Update 2 of 2)


It was reported recently by Olivia Waring in the online edition of MetroUK that Karl Pilkington has stated he will not act again under any circumstances, and furthermore will not be doing any more podcasts with Ricky Gervais and/or Steve Merchant. The Manc who once stated it was best to only do things once is moving on, even leaving behind Monkey News. Chimpanzee that.

While this does not rule out further travel shows such as The Moaning of Life, it does lay to rest any lurking notion of the return of Karl in Derek or any other Gervais-led project. Of course, The Squozen One denies it was “acting” anyway: “It wasn’t acting. It was just me in a wig. Shocking.”

Perhaps of greatest import to fans of RSK is the idea that there will be no return to an Xfm-style setup (not that Xfm exists anymore), nor any future podcasts. We got in touch with the author of the article who clarified Karl’s statement applies to podcasts generally: “No. It was of a time. It would be like Brother Beyond bringing a new album out.”

So, while it appears that there will be lots of content put out by The Holy Trinity separately, the odds of a collective effort in the future are virtually nonexistent. Karl will of course be promoting the aftermarket content for The Moaning of Life’s second series, and we will keep you apprised of all his activities.

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