“The Moaning of Life” Episode Two REVIEW


Two words are sufficient to provide a compelling reason to watch the latest installment of this documentary of Karl Pilkington’s travels and search for meaning without longtime handler/haranguers Ricky Gervais and Steve Merchant:


The Crumpet.


In an episode where Karl seeks to understand how others view happiness, he provided a highlight with the highly “gif-able” streetdance move suggested to him by a team of clowns-in-training in Los Angeles. Karl demonstrates body-popping skills to levels he only hinted at before on an Egyptian barge or for an Indian film.

This episode also finds Karl in Mexico where he meets the Raramuri tribe who are known for their exceptional skill in distance running, as evidenced in their rarajipari, a game which uses a wooden ball as an excuse to run really really far and shit. While unable to maintain their speed, Karl goes the distance with the people of the Copper Canyon, and in this viewer’s eyes does everyone a service by telling off a lippy director in the process.

Then we see some people who put giant metal hooks through their back and get suspended in mid-air. So that’s a thing.

We also learn that Karl can be bamboozled by a sweet-talking aesthetician, before he smashes a car in the name of consumerism and gets fed and clothed by a man who survives solely off the discarded excess of said consumerism in America.

As always, a rundown of “what Karl got up to” doesn’t do the program justice, as it’s Karl’s one-liners and left-field-of-Mars observations that provide the belly laughs. When confronted with the suspension ritualists, he wonders if these people read about Jesus of Nazareth and think “he was lucky”. He states that spiders are great dancers because they have eight legs. He notes that if you’re worried about “the wrinkles on your bollocks, I’d say your life’s pretty good.” His conclusions on happiness are, I believe, shared by the vast majority of humankind…but I’ll let you watch and make up your own mind.


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