The Moan Identity

Karl recalls Central Park in fall...

Karl recalls Central Park in fall…

“The Moaning of Life 2″ marks the return of the beloved Karl Pilkington, who’s whingeing his way around the world to find and dismiss cultural expressions of affirmation. Episode 2, entitled “Identity”, aired on October 20 in the UK on Sky 1 and focused on image, including Karl having a full head of hair for the first time since his days as a stand-in for Chinamen.

If you saw the episode and would like to discuss it, pop by our forum and have a natter! You can also check out this podcast, entitled KABBB, in which the two co-hosts discuss their views on this episode and other, less relevant things. If you missed the episode and want to see when it’ll repeat, check out the official Sky website. To find out when it’ll be showing in your area, keep checking back here – we’ll have the latest info!

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