Alex (Office character)

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Name Alex
Job Unemployed
First Episode Downsize
Last Episode Judgement
Episode count 2
Portrayed by Neil Fitzmaurice

Alex was interviewed by David Brent and successfully got a job as a forklift truck driver at Wernham Hogg, despite him not yet having passed his forklift driving test. He later was made redundant as part of the downsizing.


Alex had "an education" which explains how he knows so much about midgets. (Judgement)

Season 1

Alex was being interviewed by David Brent for a job as forklift truck driver, David Brent hired him believing he "was the man for the job", even though he did not have appropriate qualifications. (Downsize)

Alex was later let go when cutbacks were being made. Alex believed this was an act of "positive discrimination" as he was getting fired instead of Anton, a midget who also works in the warehouse as a forklift operator. This led to a discussion between David, Gareth and Alex about the differences between different types of small people. Alex was fired and promised to go above Brent about the issue. (Judgement)


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