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Name Brenda
Job Role Unknown, Wernham Hogg
First Episode Merger
Last Episode Christmas Special Part 2
Episode count 8
Portrayed by Julie Fernandez

Brenda is another of the former employees of the Swindon branch. She is a wheelchair user, which naturally brings out the worst in David Brent. Brenda is not impressed by David's patronising behaviour. She, like Oliver, is another character whose purpose is to highlight the gap between David's vision of himself as a modern enlightened man and the reality of his ignorance and thoughtlessness.


Series 2

Brenda reported David Brent to Jennifer Taylor-Clarke for making racist jokes. (Merger)

During a fire drill, he and Gareth attempt to carry Brenda down the stairs but ultimately, as they see it as being too much effort for a mere drill, abandon her on the way down. (Appraisals)

She later went to a pub lunch with David and some more of the staff. (Appraisals)

Brenda did not receive her wages for a month because Brent forgot about her. (Motivation)

David used Brenda as an example to the camera of the type of "home-grown problems" that money from Red Nose Day goes to. This lead to a discussion between Gareth and David about people pretending to be disabled to be entitled to benefits. (Charity)


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