Christmas Special Part 1

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"Christmas Special Part 1"
Special1 01.jpg
If You Don't Know Me By Now
Episode no. Special Part 1
Original airdate 26 December 2003 (BBC 2)
Written by Ricky Gervais
Stephen Merchant
Directed by Ricky Gervais
Stephen Merchant
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Interview Christmas Special Part 2

The Office Christmas Specials are two 45-minute episodes of The Office which conclude the series. They were first shown in the United Kingdom on December 26th and 27th 2003.


Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

A different documentary team returns to Wernham Hogg to revisit the stories of the staff, and to see how their lives have changed since the series aired. After his redundancy, David has become a travelling salesman, although he tries to avoid titling himself as such. He released his own single using the money from his redundancy package, and now makes extra income from embarassing nightclub appearances alongside very minor celebrities on the circuit. Dawn and Lee are now in Florida, living with Lee’s sister rent-free, while bouncing from job to job to support themselves. Back in Slough, Gareth has become general manager, though still does not receive the respect his authoritative position deserves. Tim remains at his desk, but now with an obnoxious, pregnant colleague whom he appears to despise. Although no longer connected to the company, David Brent still makes regular visits to see his old employees, much to the disdain of Neil, and even Gareth due to its breach of company policy. It is apparent that David yearns to be back in his old job. Back in Florida, the programme makers offer to fly Dawn and Lee back to England for the office Christmas Party. Dawn pretends to be reserved about this information, although it is clear that she is excited about the prospect of a reuinion with her old friends.


  • David: You headbutt a girl on telly and you’re labeled a prat.
  • David: You always get the odd person who doesn’t appreciate what you’re doing, shouts silly things.
    Interviewer: What sort of things?
    David: You beardy twat, pug nosed gimp, lard boy. And I go, “Yeah, what have you ever done on telly? Nothing, so don’t…” Absolutely flabulous.
  • David: Can I ask you something? Who does your tampons?
  • David: A new Dawn. She looks a bit… younger model there.
    girl: I’m not a model.
    David: Not as bright as Dawn.
  • Tim: Actually when that bit went out on telly, I was watching it with my family, and I was mortified, obviously. And my grandmother said, “I’m not surprised she chose the other fella, I wouldn’t kick him outta bed.” So Lee, um, if you’re watching and you ever get bored of being with someone with her own teeth, Nana’s up for it.
  • David: I’d do most nationalities.
  • Gareth: So your party, what do you want to see there? Brainstorm, let’s go.
    Trudy: A buffet.
    Gareth: Sort of goes without saying.
    Girl: A disco.
    Gareth: Ok I like it.
    Keith: Girls.
    Gareth: What do you mean?
    Keith: Invite girls.
    Gareth: Girls will be coming.
    Keith: Not the girls that work here, other girls, pretty girls.
    Tim: Do you want us to invite some prostitutes, Keith?
    Keith: Eh, it shouldn’t cost you anything.
    Tim: He’s putting that down.

Cultural References

  • If You Don’t Know Me By Now: a song written by Kenny Gamble and Leon Huff and recorded by the Philadelphia soul musical group Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes, which became their first hit after being released as a single in 1972, topping the R&B chart and peaking at number three on the Pop chart. It was later covered by the English pop/soul band Simply Red, also becoming their best-known hit after reaching number one on the U.S. Hot 100 on July 15, 1989 and peaking at number two in the UK Singles Chart. It also topped the Canadian Singles Chart.
  • Bubble: a former contestant from Big Brother. His real name is Paul Ferguson and he entered the Big Brother house at the age of 24, previously being a Warehouse Operative. Bubble is a huge fan of Chelsea Football Club. He was evicted from the house on Day 36.
  • Austin Powers: a fictional character from the Austin Powers series of films. He first appeared in Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery (1997) and is portrayed by Mike Myers.
  • Howard Brown: an employee of HBOS plc, which owns both Bank of Scotland and Halifax Bank (previously the Halifax Building Society) in the United Kingdom. He is known for his appearances in Halifax television advertisements, often singing and dancing.
  • Noel Edmunds: an English television presenter and executive, who made his name as a DJ on BBC Radio 1 in the UK. He has presented many light entertainment television programmes, including Multi-Coloured Swap Shop, Top of the Pops and Noel's House Party. He currently presents the Channel 4 gameshow Deal or No Deal, the Sunday edition of Sky One's Are You Smarter Than A Ten Year Old? and the new topical Sky 1 show, Noels HQ.
  • Richard Blackwood: a British stand-up comedian, television personality, sometime actor and MC. He co-presents a show on the London radio station, Choice FM, and guests as a disc jockey at nightclubs in the United Kingdom.

Awards and Acclaim

  • Nominated for the British Comedy Award for Best TV Comedy
  • Nominated for the Emmy Award for Outstanding Made for Television Movie
  • Nominated for the Emmy Award for Outstanding Writing for a Miniseries, Movie or a Dramatic Special


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