Grand Theft Auto

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Grand Theft Auto is a popular video game series developed by Rockstar North. Gameplay consists of driving, fighting and committing various crimes in a sandbox style environment.

Ricky in Grand Theft Auto IV

Ricky performing at the Split Sides Comedy club
Ricky Gervais played himself in the 2008 video game Grand Theft Auto IV. He can be seen performing at the Split Sides comedy club. The material Ricky performs in the game is largely taken from Ricky's 2007 show Fame. He can also be heard in an interview on the in game radio station "WKTT" and excerpts of the stand up show can be seen on the television inside the lead characters apartment. Along with the audio, Ricky also recorded a full motion capture of his performance.

Steve's PS2 frustration

On the 26 January 2002 Xfm show, Stephen Merchant voiced his frustration over the fact that he could have saved £20 when buying a Playstation 2 with Grand Theft Auto 3. After walking around London for 2 hours searching for the best deal, Steve settled on a system and game for £240 at Virgin Megastore. After buying the system Steve went to a nearby HMV and saw a sign saying "Buy a PS2 and get Grand Theft Auto 3 with £20 off". He later admitted that whilst he did play the game, all he could think of was the £20 he could have saved.

Karl's Grand Theft Auto killing sprees

In 2009 Ricky Gervais stated that Karl has been playing Grand Theft Auto IV. However, instead of completing the games many missions he has been killing the in game civilians to let out all the frustrations of his real life.

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