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Tim's Final Attempt
Episode no. Episode 12
Original airdate 4 November 2002 (BBC 2)
Written by Ricky Gervais
Stephen Merchant
Directed by Ricky Gervais
Stephen Merchant
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Charity Christmas Special Part 1

Interview is the sixth and final episode of the second series of The Office.


David Brent, fresh off the news of his redundancy, passes out business cards to the staff who are completely uninterested. Tim is acting distant towards Rachel, especially after she invites him to her parent’s cabin. A journalist from Inside Paper stops by to interview David for an article she’s writing about him. Dawn gives David her notice while he is being interviewed. He assumes she is leaving in support of him but she explains that she intends to move to America with Lee. Neil offers Tim the interim position of general manager after David leaves. Tim refuses and instead suggests that Gareth takes the job. During lunch, Lee reveals that Dawn always said the most important quality she looks for in a man is a good sense of humour which leads Tim to decide to break up with Rachel. Neil offers David’s job to Gareth and he accepts it. Ray and Jude from Cooper and Webb drop by to inform David that they won’t be using him again since he didn’t give them what they were looking for. David is angered by this news and kicks them out of his office, all in front of the reporter from Inside Paper. Tim hears that Dawn is leaving and is shocked when she tells him they will be gone for six months. Tim takes one of his last opportunities to put his heart on the line with Dawn, after turning off his microphone. When he comes back to his desk and turns the mic back on he says, “Err, she said no, by the way.” Neil and Jennifer come to give David the details of his redundancy package and he begs them for his job back with a solemn and emotional plea. Yet it is not enough to save his job.


  • David: I can’t imagine Jesus going, “Oh, I’ve told a few people in Bethleham I’m the son of God. Can I just stay here with mom and dad now?” No. You gotta move on. You’ve gotta spread the word, you gotta go to Nazareth, please… And that’s very much like… me.
  • David: I can wake up one morning and go, “Oh I don’t feel like working today. Can I just stay in bed?” “Oh, I don’t know you better ask the boss.” “David, can I stay in bed all day?” “Mmm, yes you can, David.” Both me. That’s not me in bed with another bloke called David.
  • Anne: (On speaker phone) Are you going to bring the toys again?
    Gareth: (Immediately picks up receiver) Um, yeah. OK, yeah, look forward to doing it to you too. Yeah, bye.
    Tim: Toys?
    Gareth: Shut up.
    Tim: What are the toys? Is it Buckaroo? It’s not Boggle is it? If it’s Kerplunk I’m coming round.
    Gareth: That was actually a private phone call so…
    Tim: Then don’t put it on speaker phone then, Gareth… Is it Hungry Hippos?
  • Tim: Ok, well let’s put it out. Sheila what do you look for in a bloke?
    Sheila: I like blacks…
    Tim: …cool, Trudy, how about you?
Don't make me redundant.
  • David: Don’t make me redundant. Please…
    Neil: Look, David…
    David: I don’t- I’ve changed my mind. I don’t want redundancy. I don’t want that. I haven’t signed anything. So…
    Neil: Well, David, unfortunately it’s not really up to you. I’m sorry.
    David: Alright then. Well, I’m asking, ok? Please don’t make me redundant. You can- you can talk to someone Jenny.
    Jennifer: The wheels are already in motion.
    David: Yeah well stop them because…
    Neil: David we’re not gonna discuss this now.
    David: No but just say that it’s not definite now before you go. And we can… I will try twice as hard, I really will, I’m not being complacent and I will- I’ll turn this place around if we just say that it’s not definite now and then we can- and you’ll not go in the till- if we started from now. Starting from now…
  • David: If you want the rainbow, you’ve got to put up with the rain. Do you know which “philosopher” said that? Dolly Parton. And people say she’s just a big pair of tits.



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