Jimmy the Perv

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a.k.a. "Jimmy the Perv"
Name Jimmy
Job Reprobate
First Episode Charity
Last Episode Interview
Episode count 1
Portrayed by Bruce Mackinnon

Jimmy, more commonly known as Jimmy the Perv, is a friend of Gareth Keenan and Oggy. Jimmy the Perv, along with the rest of "Gareth's Crew" have been described by Gareth as being a bit "mad" and "mental".


Season 2

On Red Nose Day, Jimmy arrived at Wernham-Hogg offices with Oggy dressed in white coats claiming they had come for Gareth because he had "escaped". Jimmy then noticed Dawn Tinsley's "Pound for a Kiss" charity and took advantage of the offer by paying pound after pound for kisses.

Gareth came and greeted his co-horts, proclaiming them as "mad" and then introduced them to his boss David Brent. Jimmy asked David if he could have a job to which David replied he already "had one reprobate". David began mocking Oggy, who eventually stormed out in tears, leaving Jimmy present for an awkward silence afterwards. (Charity)

A few days later, Jimmy planned to go to Chasers for Gobbler's birthday alongside Gareth and Oggy. (Interview)


  • Jimmy the Perv's episode count (as of Christmas Special Part 2) is 1.
  • Jimmy the Perv's nickname is alluded to by his treatment of Dawn's "Kisses for a Pound" charity, although the severity of his perv-ness is left open.

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