Karen Roper

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Karen Roper
Name Karen Roper
Job Secretary
First Episode New Girl
Last Episode Judgement
Episode count 2
Portrayed by Nicola Cotter

Karen Roper was briefly David Brent's secretary and also the object of his desire for a while.


Karen did GCSEs and A-levels. A year before applying for the job as secretary, she took a year out and went travelling and exploring Asia by herself. (New Girl)

Series 1

Karen Roper applied for a job as secretary to David Brent who felt it was necessary he hire one because he needed one. Karen was one of two applicants, the other being Stuart Foot. Upon meeting the two, David instantly pointed out that Karen would brighten up the place if she got the job, and then rectified his statement saying that Stuart would too. (New Girl)

However, David had already decided Karen was right for the job and after an interview where David asked her no questions pertaining to whether she was right for the job or not, she was hired. She told David she would be celebrating at Chasers that evening, where David revealed he would also be. (New Girl)

Just before Karen left the office, she was filling out a form as David came over with a football and began trying to show off his sportsmanship, or lack thereof, and in the progress headbutted Karen by accident. (New Girl)

David attempts to chat up Karen. (New Girl)
Karen went to Chasers that night where she unfortunately wound up sitting and listening to a drunk David Brent talk about how great a boss he is. (New Girl)

Days later, Karen starts her job as secretary, and David suggests she sit in as he tries to talk Tim Canterbury out of quitting. The chat soon erupted into an argument, where Karen sided with Tim, Brent told the two to leave his office, get work done and to stop whinging. (Judgement)

When Jennifer arrived later that day with news about redundancies, she asked who Karen was to which Brent replied he had "no idea". (Judgement)

Series 2

David revealed to the camera that Karen was one of the first people to be made redundant when the merging was put into effect because she was the last person hired. David was coping with having had to fire her because Dawn Tinsley could do most of her work anyway. (Merger)


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