List of The Office Characters

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Main Characters

David Brent

Brent's Biography

Tim Canterbury

Tim's Biography

Gareth Keenan

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Dawn Tinsley

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Minor Characters

Series One and Two


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Jennifer Taylor Clarke

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Chris Finch

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Keith Bishop

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Unfortunate Ben is remembered for being forcibly undressed by the workers of Wernham Hogg on Red Nose Day. Ben pleads with his workers, saying "My wife and kids will see them!". His genitals are censored on film. Ben also joined in singing with David Brent and Gareth Keenan on a rendition of "Manamana".

Karen Roper

Karen is seen applying for a job as a P.A to David Brent, whose interview technique is non-existent. Brent gives her the job due to her attractiveness, no doubt hoping to woo her during work hours.


Jamie works at Wernham Hogg and he and his bald head can be seen a few times in The Office, most notably as part of a conversation with David Brent, where Brent is seen trying to hand Jamie his phone number. Jamie is not interested and takes a phone call at one point during the conversation and informs his colleagues of it in another. Brent gives up.


Rowan is seen trying to conduct a training day for the workers of Wernham Hogg, although his monologues are marred by the presence of David Brent, who interrupts Rowan and adds his own take on Rowan's advice. Rowan takes this calmly at first, but gradually gets more annoyed, eventually storming out of the room, never to return.


Also known as "Mouse", possibly due to her timid nature, Sheila expresses a preference for black men and can be seen crying when Wernham Hogg's black man Oliver is seen cuddling up to Trudy.


Has a line or two.


Ralph is seen a few times but has no lines.


Does not respect David Brent.


A bawdy middle-aged man who works at the warehouse with Lee. Remembered for accusing Tim Canterbury of being homosexual after one of Tim's jokes fell flat.


Alex is a fork-lift truck driver who is hired by David Brent in the first series and fired by him in the second. Part of the dwarf discussion.


A warehouse worker who suggests that Jennifer Taylor-Clarke needs "a bloody good shag", also teams with Malcolm for the quiz. Played by Malcolm Cole.

Series One Only


Donna is the 16 year old daughter of David Brent's friends Ron and Elaine. Flirty with men she finds attractive and curt with men she doesn't, Donna embarks upon a relationship with a worker at Wernham Hogg, later revealed to be Ricky Howard. Was seen being taught how to lift correctly by Gareth Keenan, who was using the "training session" to seduce her. Needless to say, Gareth was unsuccessful.

Ricky Howard

A university graduate, Ricky is temping at Wernham Hogg and his knowledge of Fyodor Dostoyevsky proves a contentious point to David Brent, who attempts to counter with his own knowledge. Ricky dates Donna for a brief period, was once on Blockbusters, and takes part in the pub quiz, teaming up with Tim Canterbury to defeat David Brent and Chris Finch on a tie-break, which involved throwing Tim's shoe over the pub's roof. Ricky succeeded.

Peter Purves

A former Blue Peter presenter and Meet Ricky Gervais guest, Purves played himself as part of a training video shown to the workers of Wernham Hogg


Calls David Brent a "wanker".


Cleaning lady.


Curmudgeonly Malcolm is seen taking issue with David Brent over the redundancy issue, conversing about Benny Hill and being slapped on his bald head by Brent.


An Asian man, Sanj appears in one episode to set up the idea that David Brent is racist. The fact that Sanj only makes one appearance seems to confirm this suggestion.

Series Two Only

Neil Godwin

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Oggy's Bi-oggy-raphy


Wheelchair bound Brenda is seen taking offence to some of David Brent's comments about disabled people and is carried abandoned on the stairwell after being carried there by Brent and Gareth Keenan during a fire drill.


The male member of the two employees of Cooper and Webb who are sent to Wernham Hogg to recruit David Brent to take part in a management lecture. Ray recruits Brent but is distinctively unimpressed by Brent's performance.


Part of Cooper and Webb, Jude joined Ray in signing up David Brent to talk about management, and suffered the dubious honour of having to photograph Brent in a number of ridiculous poses.


Simon is a computer geek, who is brought in to service the computers of Wernham Hogg. An amusing conversation between he, Gareth Keenan and Tim Canterbury ensues, in which Simon claims to be a better go-kart driver than Michael Schumacher and that Bruce Lee faked his own death to become an undercover policeman in Hong Kong.


Welsh girl Trudy is portrayed as a slut, due to her aggressively flirty nature and possible romance with Oliver. Had a sexual encounter with Chris Finch in the Wernham Hogg car park. Reports David Brent over a racist joke he made, and is later told by Brent that she has "let herself go".


Tony had a go at David Brent a few times and did nothing else.


A tall black man, Oliver is not offended by the racist joke of David Brent. Flirts with Trudy and is oblivious to Sheila's romantic advances.

Jimmy The Perv

Jimmy appears with Oggy on Red Nose Day and is overenthusiastic at the prospect of a kiss for a quid off Dawn Tinsley and repeatedly uses the service, becoming more amorous each time he puts a pound in and goes for the kiss. A straight-jacket wearing friend of Gareth Keenan.