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Matt Morgan "pressing the buttons" on The Russell Brand Show.

Matthew "Matt" Morgan is an English comedian, writer and presenter, best known for co-hosting The Russell Brand Show from it's conception on BBC 6 Music to it's more famous and listened to days on BBC Radio 2, as well as co-hosting "On The Road", a documentary based on the eponymous Jack Kerouac novel.

Matt in the April 2009 edition of Q magazine, reviewing an Oasis gig.

Born in Dartford, Kent on 10 August 1977, Matt met Russ when he was working as an intern at MTV. He first joined with the wild-haired fop after the presenter told him he had a television show idea which was "good and commissioned", and that Morgan should work on it with him. As Morgan now jokes, neither of those things turned out to be true.

On the radio show, Morgan featured as the straight man to Brand's usually outrageous and wacky persona, often mimicking Brand's Dot Cotton-esque accent and singing timbre. He also was the foil of such stories as "Apocalyto with the director's commentary on" and the infamous "Pin-Pinning incident" for which he was given the moniker of "The Original Victim". He was also present during Ricky, Steve and Karl's respective interviews on the show, and was the announcer during Steve's appearance on 1 Leicester Square.

He was not present for the penultimate shows, as he was "away on holiday", and was therefore not involved in the Andrew Sachs controversy.

He has also been credited as a writer for other Brand works, notably "Russell Brand's Ponderland", for which he was also credited as a "Creative Director". Morgan and Brand are also currently writing a film together. It is unknown when it will be released or who will star in it.

In October 2009, it was revealed that Morgan has recorded a pilot for a new radio show with impressionist Terry Mynott. No futher details on the project have been unveiled.

The Russell Brand show has a strong following on the Pilkipedia forum, with Matt in particular being praised for his input.