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Name Oliver
Job Accountant, Wernham Hogg
First Episode Merger
Last Episode Christmas Special Part 2
Episode count 8
Portrayed by Howard Saddler


Series 2

Oliver walked in as David Brent was telling a joke about a black man's cock. David was too afraid to finish the joke, but Oliver knew the ending because he'd already heard it. He was not offended by it, in fact, he thought the joke was "alright". (Merger)

David later tried to start a conversation with Oliver about such popular black actors as Denzel Washington and, David's personal favourite, Sydney Poitier. (Appraisals)

Oliver was playing darts with Tony when David Brent arrived and asked them how old they thought he was. Tony said 40 which offended Brent who insisted he looked 30. When Oliver said he thought Brent looked between 30 and 40, Brent was some what happier. (Party)

During her birthday celebration in the office, Oliver and Trudy flirted. (Party)

Christmas Specials


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