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Sammy Tinkerbell Dobson is the She-J on The Steve Show on 6Music.


Personal Life

Sammy is originally from Wallsend, Newcastle and travels all the way from her current home in Northumberland to be on the show. Whilst in her home town, Sammy likes nothing more than to don pyjamas and watch bad television, or to bounce endlessly around on a trampoline.


Sammy started acting in Geordie youth drama Byker Grove, playing the character of Sarah Young. She has also been in Casualty playing the character of Emma Gatts. Nowadays, she teaches children how to act and also works with deaf children -she is fluent in sign language. Sammy still acts occasionally, most recently in a film about dogging called Dogging: A Love Story, which featured her first sex scene. While filming the scene, she managed to destroy a car dashboard with a stiletto heel. Bizarrely, Sammy's father (who has long hair and wears cowboy boots) and mother are also in the movie as extras having sex in a car also containing 'The Ants' of Adam and the Ants.

The Steve Show

Sammy was the first candidate brought invited into the studio on Steve's spring 2007 search for a "She-J" and was officially made the regular female presenter in June 2007. Sammy is a music lover and states her top three bands are Gomez, Duke Special, and Aqualung.

Steve's She-J in the studio

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