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a.k.a. "The Computer Geek"
Simon TheComputerGeek.JPG
Name Simon
Job I.T. Consultant
First Episode Motivation
Last Episode Motivation
Episode count 1
Portrayed by Matt Holness

Simon, more commonly known as The Computer Geek, is an I.T. Consultant called into Wernham Hogg to install firewalls onto the computers used.


Simon claims that on the first day SuperKarts opened, he went down to ride a go-kart. He did a couple of laps, pulled over and was accosted by the bloke who runs the place who told him professionals weren't allowed. Simon told him that he was not a professional to which the owner replied he should take up Formula 1 and he'd be the best in the country. However, Simon was not interested because he's making shit loads out of computers. (Motivation)

Simon also claims that he had a go at Motorcycle speedway racing. He was driving at a ridiculous speed and hit a ramp that someone had just left out which worried everyone watching who believed he was definitely going to die. Simon managed to do a spin in the air, which only worried them more, but landed on his wheels and asked the crowd; "What were you worried about?" (Motivation)

Season 2

Tim Canterbury arrived at the office to be alerted by Dawn Tinsley that "his favourite computer geek" was there. Tim greeted Simon, who did not respond. When Tim asked what Simon is doing to his computer, Simon replied sharply pointing out that it is not his computer and that it's Wernham Hogg's. Tim inquired what he was doing with the computer anyway, to which Simon replied that he "didn't need to know". Simon later shared that he was installing a firewall to protect the computer from script kiddies, data collectors, viruses, worms and trojans horses and limits his outbound internet communications. When Tim asked how long it would take, Simon stubbornly asked if Tim wanted to do it and said that it would "take as long as it takes". The process was then finished and Simon gave Tim instructions of what to do once his computer restarts. (Motivation)

Later, Simon was installing the firewall on Gareth Keenan's computer where the two discussed Go-Karting and speedway racing. They later discussed Bruce Lee facts. Simon gets prissy when Gareth mistakes the fight scene between Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris for "Enter of the Dragon" when it is in fact "Way of the Dragon". Simon then shares the fact that Bruce Lee is not actually dead, instead he staged his death so he could go and work undercover for Hong Kong police. Tim, who was listening in, called over his girlfriend Rachel and the two began laughing at Simon's fact. Tim made a comment about the unbelievability of the story, which Simon responded to by asking if Tim had "gone off Dawn now". (Motivation)


  • Simon's episode count (as of Christmas Special Part 2) is 1.
  • Simon features in a deleted scene, where he suggests he is capable of doing Bruce Lee's move the trembling hand.
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