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01 Number86

This is going to be quite an undertaking. The best bet would to be split each section by seasons I suppose. If someone wants to get an example done, I will do my best to start filling in information from each show from my personal knowledge and from Richard Hare's site. If that is what we want to do (similar to how the List of Podcast Episodes was formatted. Any suggestions?

02 WikiSysop

For now I think we should just get on with logging each show. Start a page for each episode using the date as the title (something like Xfm_Show_02_06_02) and then fill in the:

  • Broadcast date
  • Total length
  • Each talking point, with a timestamp (I think it's easier if each show is split into tracks)
  • Songs of Phrase
  • Rockbusters clues and answers
  • Monkey News
  • Quotes
  • (Maybe what music was played?)

Once we have this core information we can organise it however we want later on. Try to keep it similar to this List of Podcast Episodes

03 Number86

Is that date format British or American ;-)

04 WikiSysop

It's British, this is a British site. And for the record...

  • 'Programme' not 'Program'
  • 'Jelly' not 'Jello'
  • 'Paedophile' not 'Michael Jackson'.

05 Number86

Tally ho! Back on subject, mate! With the podcasts there were only 12 with the first series. For the second series will they be on a separate page or not? I'm just making sure everything is organized right before I start editing pages together. Should each XFM series (I'm assuming we will only be using the 4 most known series) split on four different pages (IE have a page [List of XFM Shows] then inside have another link to [XFM - Series 1 shows],etc, then within each page have the list of the episodes with their descriptions. Seems like the way to go, hope you understood!

06 WikiSysop

I think, for now at least, each Xfm show should have its own page. Then when we've ironed out the best way of structuring each page, we can organise them. One way would be to keep each show on a seperate page and link them using an index. Another way might be to group them together. But this all depends on the amount of info we have for each show. To be honest, the editing is the easiest part. Get the individual show details is the tricky bit.

07 Number86

I propose we do this. I pretty much sure we won't have alot of information for each show to warrant it's own page, but I think each season/series (sort that out too, cor blimey) needs its own page. A page for series 1,2,3,4 that we can link frmo the main article. Not to clutter up the main article with 5 pages of episode information. Like have Xfm Shows or something, then split into XFM Season 1 then inside each season we have the a main heading for each show, then sub heading for quotes, monkey news, rock busters, etc.

It would look something like Xfm Shows click link to XFM Season 1 then get short summaries of all the episodes. then a click back to Xfm Shows brings us where we can go to XFM Season 2, etc, etc.

08 WikiSysop

Sure, sounds good. Like I said, even if it doesn't work it won't take much to fix it.

09 Gtpod

What in Christ's name has happened to the opening paragraph?