Tim Canterbury

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Tim Canterbury
Name Tim Canterbury
Job Salesman, Wernham Hogg
First Episode
Last Episode
Episode count 14
Portrayed by Martin Freeman

Tim Canterbury is a main character in the BBC sitcom The Office, played by Martin Freeman. He is a 30-year-old sales representative for paper merchants Wernham Hogg and lives with his parents. He spent one year at university before dropping out and one day hopes to return and get a psychology degree. However, he has not managed to accomplish this yet. He has quite a self-deprecating and ironic sense of humor.

Canterbury flirts with, and feels great attraction to, receptionist Dawn Tinsley. His office nemesis is Gareth Keenan, with whom he regularly exchanges barbed banter and on whom he frequently plays practical jokes. His relationship with his boss David Brent is mixed, at times Tim seems to get along with David but feels that David can be very unsupportive towards Tim in terms of his dreams and ambitions because David is in the same boat as Tim because they are both trapped in similar jobs.

Tim's equivalent in the American Version of The Office is Jim Halpert.


  • Tim received Hat FM, a mesh baseball-style cap with a built in radio, for his 30th birthday.
  • Gareth called Tim a "weird little bloke" with a "cartoon face" and said that "he looks like a Fisher Price man."
  • Tim enjoys winding-up, or irritating, Gareth, often with Dawn's assistance.


  • "No I don't talk about my love life for a very good reason, and that reason is I don't have one."
  • "OK now guys, we're about to enter a warehouse environment now. I'll just warn you that some of the people in here will be working class. So there may be some arse cleavage. Just find a partner, hold hands and don't talk to anyone."
  • "I think it was John Lennon who once said 'life is what happens when you're making other plans', and that's exactly the way I feel. Although he also said 'I am the walrus, I am the eggman', so I don't know what to believe."
  • "I just think, well, I dunno, if you look at life like, ah, rolling a dice then my situation now, as it stands, yeah, it may only be a three. If I jack that in now, go for something bigger and better, yeah, I could easily roll a six. No problem. I could roll a six. I could also roll a one. Kay, so.. I think sometimes just leave the dice alone."

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