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Jane with Ricky

Jane Fallon is a British television producer, author and long-time girlfriend of Ricky Gervais.

Jane and Ricky met at University College London whilst Gervais was there studying philosophy. The couple have lived together since 1984, and have a cat called Ollie and a salamander called Tel.

Gervais mentioned Jane occasionally on his Xfm radio show, often because she has attended an event with him. Famously she features in his "pissing in the sink" anecdote told on Xfm and in his stand-up. She didn't mind this habit as long as he took the dishes out first.

Jane's productions include the comedy-drama Teachers, Jupiter Moon and This Life. Teachers, which followed a group of secondary school teachers just as immature as their students may have been the most successful of the various shows she has produced.

Her first book, the bestselling Getting Rid of Matthew was published in 2007. Her second novel Got You Back was published by Penguin in August 2008 and reached number 5 in the bestseller list.

"Getting Rid of Matthew" is currently being adapted into a feature length film to be released in the near future. The film is being developed by Jennifer Aniston's production company and Aniston is also set to play the lead in the film.


"Every time he asks me to make a cup of tea in his David Brent voice it becomes a little more annoying".

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