29 April 2006

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1. Here we are again in the New Year

Karl goes over the features. Steve recommends just playing records, like Gina G and 4 Non-Blondes. The introduction of "Rick-tuals." In India, it's good to have a flat head (bordering on the racist.) War Do you Think of That, Then?

2. Have you seen the XFM Listeners?

Karl booked a table at a restaurant in Victoria, but thot he was speaking to someone named Victoria. Karl watched "100 Greatest Moments" including a man with two knobs and a nudist with a white sofa. Karl doesn't like staying up for New Year's. Karl explains flat-headed Indians, Do We Need 'Em?, Rockbusters, War Do You Think of That Then? and Around the World in Eighty Gervais.

3. Little Gay Fella in a Toilet

Should gays have their own toilets? How about lesbians? Bisexuals? The set-up invites abuse. Can Karl spot a gay?

4. Did Karl Get Suzanne a Christmas Present?

Karl and Suzanne went Dutch to dinner. Suzanne wasn't that impressed with her gift, an industrial-sized package of condoms, but Karl made it up to her with some shoes. The expectations are the best part of Christmas.

5. It's the Best He Can Do With the Brain He's Got

Karl also bought Suzanne Grease on DVD. He describes Christmas morning, with wallpaper-wrapped gifts. Ricky totes up the take. Ricky suggests Steve do Karl's Christmas shopping next year. What does Karl bring to the relationship? His old teacher said he wouldn't be a high flier.

6. Limpets could go

Ricky can't understand how listeners are getting the Rockbusters answers. Do We need 'Em? presents "the Octopus." Karl interviews a marine biologist about octopi and their weird aspects. Karl discusses cruelty to crabs in jam jars, but next week: "Do we need snails?" Karl's new game show "Celebrity Homeless." Do the homeless go to bed early? Steve suggests "On the Game."

7. That's Ricky-diculous

Which is false? 1. There are more moves possible in a game of chess than there are particles in the universe. 2. You can't get any colder than liquid nitrogen. 3. The honey badger has skin so loose that if you grabbed it by the neck it could turn around in its skin and bite you out of its anus. (Karl spots it right off. It's 3.)

The Rockbusters answers:

1. 42 pounds for a torch. That's a bit pricy. (Delight.)

2. He'll fit some chocolate to your feet. (Aerosmith)

3. Do you think you could get that strawberry for me? (Wilson Pickett)

Jonathan and Louise from Wrecsam are the winners.