Acid I Would Sort You Out With Some Science

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Acid (I said) I Would Sort You Out With Some Some Science is essentially an Educating Ricky with a focus on science. The "scientific" breakthroughs of Karl Pilkington tend to be another opportunity for Karl to talk about Hairy Chinese Kids.

There was a fella who had hiccups for 69 years. That's a bit annoying.
There was a dog with a wig (which we've discussed).
There's also a bit about Sponges and Mouse Brains. Evidentally, if you mix up a mouse brain in a blender, it will sort itself out again. It sort of reforms.
There was a kid who's parents were always fighting so he went off into the woods to live with the monkeys and he grew a load of hair on his body. When he was caught (trying to buy some milk in a local shop) he was shaved and the hair didn't grow back...

...and that's a li'l' bit of science.

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