Alien Gives Man A Beard

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This first ever segment of Educating Ricky heralded the type of ludicrous 'education' Karl would provide throughout the run of the feature. According to Karl, a fella saw a bright light in the sky - a UFO - that came closer and closer to him before disappearing. When he got back into his car, the man noticed in his mirror that he had grown a beard. Returning home to his wife, he relayed the story thinking it was "a bit weird" that he had instantaneously grown a beard. His wife responded "Never mind your beard, where have you been for three days?"

Ricky and Steve were, of course, amused and unimpressed by the story. They suggested, among other explanations, that the man simply went on a bender and concocted the story to appease his wife. In response to their dissatisfaction Karl further educated them by explaining there's a law in America that says "If you touch a UFO you're gonna get done."

Karl's source for the story was a book that someone sent to him, but a similar abduction story is detailed here.<ref></ref> There are claims that a so-called E.T. law was part of U.S. law, codified under Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations.<ref></ref> However, such a regulation would have been enacted during the Space Race and was probably not motivated by the belief that the general public was likely to come into contact with alien spacecraft. The most recent version of Title 14 does not contain this text to which Karl is presumably referring.