The Ricky Gervais Show (HBO)

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The Ricky Gervais Show

The Holy Trinity of Comedy
Genre Comedy (animated)
Running time 28 mins.
Creator(s) Ricky Gervais & Stephen Merchant & Karl Pilkington
Writer(s) N/A
Starring Ricky Gervais & Stephen Merchant & Karl Pilkington
Country US
Network HBO, Channel 4
Original runs 19 February 2010 (US) – 13 July 2012 (US)
No. of episodes 39
IMDB Profile

The Animated Podcast of The Ricky Gervais Show is an animated version of the popular podcasts of the same name. It features real audio from conversations between Ricky Gervais, Stephen Merchant, and Karl Pilkington from the podcasts which were released starting in December of 2005.

The animations are in a style reminiscent of Hanna-Barbara in the 1960s(especially Flintstones), accommodating for Karl's sometimes outlandish ideas.

Secondary character designs are often reused in later episodes. DeJarnette Designs provided some character designs for Series 3. A sample is available here.[1]


Two short videos featuring new material from Gervais, Merchant, and Pilkington were released on HBO's official website for the show. They can also be seen on YouTube here and here. A promo with Karl not being overenthusiastic was made by The Guardian[2]. The HBO site also features some short teasers that have also aired on HBO to advertise the show. In them, Karl tries to explain what is wrong with being a big fish in a small pond and he compares the new animated show to The Simpsons.


Series 1

The first series premiered on HBO in the US on 19 February 2010 and on Channel 4 in the UK on 23 April 2010. It ran for 13 episodes and included audio from the first series of the podcasts and the bonus disc podcast.

Title Series Original Airdate Buy #
Episode One: Space Monkey Series 1 19 February 2010 (HBO) TBA 1
In the season premiere the boys discuss topics such as getting injections in order to visit a country, spooky goings on in a pub and Karl's trip to his mates house. Monkey news features a chimp being sent into space.
Episode Two: Charity Series 1 26 February 2010 (HBO) TBA 2
This episode the boys discuss topics such as midget wrestlers fighting a lion, Karl gets ripped off by a charity and we meet Paul "the party animal" Parker for the first time. Monkey news features a perverted chimp.
Episode Three: Knob At Night Series 1 5 March 2010 (HBO) TBA 3
This episode includes topics such as space travel, the giving of a goat and Karl eating "a knob a night". Monkey news features a chimp chat show host.
Episode Four: Dolphins Series 1 12 March 2010 (HBO) TBA 4
The boys discuss topics such as colonic irrigation, "papa-people" and Karl's visit to a specialist antique shop. Monkey news features "Ollie the chimp" getting it on with the zoo keepers wife.
Episode Five: Glass Houses Series 1 19 March 2010 (HBO) TBA 5
The boys discuss various topics such as Karl meeting Steve for the first time, the search for a chinese homeless fella and Karl's newfound internet fame. Monkey news features a firefighting chimp.
Episode Six: The Cobblers Series 1 26 March 2010 (HBO) TBA 6
In this weeks show Karl talks about washing up, going to the cobblers and getting his prostate checked. Monkey news features a chimp "building a building".
Episode Seven: The Diary Series 1 9th April 2010 (HBO) TBA 7
The boys discuss Karl's trip to Gran Canaria, nicknames and CB radio. This episode includes the first of the long running "Karl's diary" feature. Monkey news features a chimp helping out a bobsleigh team.
Episode Eight: Nuts Series 1 16th April 2010 (HBO) TBA 8
In this show the boys discuss face transplants, Karl Pilkingtons advice for new parents and how to improve the octopus. Monkey news features a chimp filling in as co-pilot.
Episode Nine: The Jockey Series 1 23rd April 2010 (HBO) TBA 9
In this show karl almost dies eating an ice pop, goes to the toilet in a litter box and receives some mail addressed to "Mr K. Dilkington". Monkey news features a chimp posing as a jockey.
Episode Ten: The Fight Series 1 30th April 2010 (HBO) TBA 10
The boys discuss dish washers on mars, Karl's first fight and how many hours should be in a day. Monkey news features a chimp eye surgeon.
Episode Eleven: Beetles Series 1 7th May 2010 (HBO) TBA 11
The boys discuss chatting to a lion, living life as a beetle and tribes that wave their knobs at you when they want you to leave. In the Last ever Monkey News, the space chimps get a retirement home.
Episode Twelve: Noises Series 1 14th May 2010 (HBO) TBA 12
In this show Ricky and Steve ask Karl a series of questions taken form the TV show "Inside the Actors Studio". This is the first half of a free 1 hour bonus podcast given away with the 3-CD set of the first season of The Ricky Gervais Show Podcast. This is the first show that does not include the hit feature "Monkey News".
Episode Thirteen: Freaks Series 1 21st May 2010 (HBO) TBA 13
Ricky and Steve continue to ask Karl questions from "Inside the Actors Studio" and Karl lists his top 5 freaks. This is the Second half of a free 1 hour bonus podcast given away with the 3-CD set of the first season of The Ricky Gervais Show Podcast.

Series 2

The second series premiered in the US on 14 January 2011 on HBO. The UK premiere date is to be determined. Ricky confirmed on his blog that HBO has commissioned a third series of the show.

Title Series Original Airdate Buy #
Episode One: Clive Warren Series 2 14 January 2011 (HBO) TBA 1
Karl discusses his idea for a movie, and more is read from Karl's diary.
Episode Two: Doppelganger Series 2 21 January 20110 (HBO) TBA 2
Karl discusses what his doppelganger would be like; Ricky gives Karl a riddle; what Karl does not like about Ricky's cat; Stephen discusses his holiday to Rio for Carnival.
Episode Three: The Fly Series 2 28 January 2011 (HBO) TBA 3
The trio discuss animals and diseases; evolution; a fly that is kept as a pet; Karl's Diary.
Episode Four: Onions Series 2 4 February 2011 (HBO) TBA 4
Ricky gives Karl some animal facts; Karl ponders the question of whether you control your brain, or does your brain control you. From Karl's diary we investigate the curious case of the invisible Chinaman.
Episode Five: Insects Series 2 11 February 2011 (HBO) TBA 5
Karl shares his thoughts on why insects are so deserving of his attention; disappointment learning about a killer octopus; what he would change in crabs; more stuff about insects; Karl's Diary also mostly about insects. Karl finishes off with poetry about animals.
Episode Six: Kidneys Series 2 18 February 2011 (HBO) TBA 6
Karl tells the story of having kidney stones; Karl ponders a phenomenon Karl's Diary; and more.
Episode Seven: Night Club Series 2 4 March 2011 (HBO) TBA 7
Karl ponders height extremes when he learns that one of his new fans is the actor Warwick Davis; Stephen tells the tale of him visiting a night club.
Episode Eight: Future Series 2 11 March 2011 (HBO) TBA 8
Karl makes several predictions about humanity's distant future.
Episode Nine: Natural History Series 2 18 March 2011 (HBO) TBA 9
Ricky talks about undiscovered species and shares an idea for the "Car of the Future".
Episode Ten: Leg Rubber Series 2 25 March 2011 (HBO) TBA 10
Karl discusses childhood memories of Tic Tacs, and tells of his recent visit to a "professional leg rubber".
Episode Eleven: Mrs. Battersby Series 2 1 April 2011 (HBO) TBA 11
Karl shares his thoughts about the two sides of the brain and the "sixth sense".
Episode Twelve: Art Series 2 8 April 2011 (HBO) TBA 12
Karl discusses art and suggested adaptations of literature and film featuring The Muppets.
Episode Thirteen: Munchies Series 2 15 April 2011 (HBO) TBA 13
In the season finale, Ricky asks Karl if he would give up his real life to live in a virtual-reality isolation tank. And Karl discusses his thoughts about happiness.

Series 3

Series 3 started on HBO April 20 2012 and the series finale was broadcast on 13 July 2012 The audio from this series is taken mainly from the Ricky Gervais Guide to... series. Episode 3 - Armed Forces is based on a exclusive podcast which was made available only for military personell. In this final series, and the animation style is different. Camera shots are from more varied angels than in previous seasons. Ricky had earlier stated that there was a possibility of a fourth season, but later he felt the material wasn't extensive enough to justify 13 more episodes. He wouldn't rule out a fourth series happening in the future.

Title Series Original Airdate Buy #
Episode One: Bryan's Brain Series 3 20 April 2012 (HBO) TBA 1
Starts off with Karl defending himself from critical viewer feedback. We get a glimpse of Karl's new clothing idea. Karl lays out the plot of his next blockbuster. Hollywood stars are involved in this one.
Episode Two: Comic Relief Series 3 27 April 2012 (HBO) TBA 2
The trio discusses charitable causes and how to improve their efficiency.
Episode Three: Armed Forces Series 3 4 May 2012 (HBO) TBA 3
Karl recounts of his brother's antics in the Army. Audio from an exclusive podcast released for the Armed Services
Episode Four: Room 102 Series 3 11 May 2012 (HBO) TBA 4
Ricky asks Karl to put things that annoy him into room 102.
Episode Five: Karl's Day Series 3 18 May 2012 (HBO) TBA 5
An insight to a regular day in Karl's life.
Episode Six: The English Series 3 25 May 2012 (HBO) TBA 6
Karl, Ricky and Steve share their thoughts on being English.
Episode Seven: Law & Order Series 3 1 June 2012 (HBO) TBA 7
Karl explains opinions about the laws. Ricky goes through the commandments . KP takes on a job as hostage negotiator.
Episode Eight: Medicine Series 3 8 June 2012 (HBO) TBA 8
Karl doubts current medicine is good for you. Ricky confronts Karl with some unusual health practices.
Episode Nine: Earth Series 3 15 June 2012(HBO) TBA 9
Karl's tells of the earth. From beginning to end.
Episode Ten: Society Series 3 22 June 2012 (HBO) TBA 10
Karl on laws and behaviour in society.
Episode Eleven: Wartime Series 3 29 June 2012 (HBO) TBA 11
Karl is now a published author. Ricky asks how the next generations will remember Karl. KP wants to improve on sayings.
Episode Twelve: World Cup Series 3 6 July 2012 (HBO) TBA 12
Ricky and Steve face unusual choices watching a game of football. They reminisce of their sporting careers.
Episode Thirteen: The Year Series 3 13 July 2012 (HBO) TBA 13
Karl picks his highlight of the year gone past. Final chapter of Karl's diary.



The show was nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award in 2010 for Outstanding Animated Program. The award was part of the Creative Arts category and was therefore not filmed for the televised awards ceremony. Winners were announced one week prior to the official Emmy Awards show and the show lost to Disney Prep and Landing. The same year character designer Andy Bialk won Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Individual Achievement in Animation for the episode Charity (S01E03). [3]

The show was nominated in 2011 for Best Comedy Show at TV Quick Awards UK and Andy Bialk was nominated at the Annie Awards for Character Design in a Television Production.

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