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After nearly five years on Xfm, Ricky, Steve, and Karl decided to move their popular London radio show into the realm of the podcast. Beginning in late 2005, the first series of the Ricky Gervais Show would go on to become the most successful podcast in the world. Though it was initially available as a free download through Guardian Unlimited, the series is now being sold on iTunes and audible.com.

List of Episodes

Title Release Date Length
Series 1 Episode 1 5 December 2005 31:36
The boys embark on the first episode of their strange journey, peddling Karl to the rest of the world. Topics such as flies, condoms, tankards, dinosaurs, and space monkeys are discussed. It's good to be back.
Series 1 Episode 2 12 December 2005 32:40
Not a show for the easily offended, this show primarily features knob talk. The boys flex their censor-free format going over sex aids and nudists. And apparently a load of Cambodian midgets died.
Series 1 Episode 3 19 December 2005 31:28
This episode features a double-dose of monkey related features and a probing into Karl's thoughts on nature, evolution, and reproduction.
Series 1 Episode 4 26 December 2005 36:20
It's the last show of 2005 and the gang discusses Christmas, gifts, spacemen and more. Karl gives some of his most infamous quotes, including "bungled in" and "Chinese Homeless Fella".
Series 1 Episode 5 2 January 2006 40:42
Karl Pilkington finally gets quoted after almost five years on the air, as his personal mantra floods the internet.
Series 1 Episode 6 9 January 2006 32:30
Homeless fellas, freaks, monkey news. Karl Pilkington.
Series 1 Episode 7 16 January 2006 30:52
Ricky, Steve and Karl move swiftly along to their seventh online podcast.
Series 1 Episode 8 23 January 2006 33:54
The introduction of Karl's Diary, Guinness Book chat, nickname chat, and another impossible Monkey News.
Series 1 Episode 9 30 January 2006 30:54
A few retro cuts: a throw back to Do We Need 'Em and Liam (Horse in the House kid) comes up, along with some Monkey News.
Series 1 Episode 10 6 February 2006' 32:40
Ricky finally buckles calling the podcast "The Karl Pilkington Show". He's just the ringmaster and Karl is center stage.
Series 1 Episode 11 13 February 2006 33:22
In the penultimate episode of the first series the trio discuss Karl's celebrity and loads of questions are sent in by fans.
Series 1 Episode 12 20 February 2006 32:04

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