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forum moderator, 2008-present

a 16-year old Barry when he joined in 2007.

Previous usernames: Limericklad, Barry

Nickname(s): LL, limmers, Baz

Pilkipedia Accomplishments:

Co-host, ChairShot Podcast, the weekly professional wrestling podcast on LoudySpeak

Creator of many enduring threads, including "Pilkipedia's Lonely Hearts", "IRC meetup" threads, and "Pilkipedian/Pilkipedienne Rockbusters".


Way back in 2007, a sweet young boy from Limerick, Ireland joined Pilkipedia. Six years and over 30,000 posts later, that boy has become a man despite any further success with facial hair or women.

Far and away the most prolific poster on Pilkipedia, Barrylad took on forum moderating responsibilities in 2008, and has always been a solid contributor to the "behind-the-scenes" working of the forum as well as someone who can issue a stern reminder of member etiquette when necessary. He is a journalism student who has recently traveled to Scotland to expand his horizons and sow his royal seed. He can be heard each week along with forum members Dam Helder and ScottHanson on the long-running ChairShot Podcast. He also made several notable appearances on the podcast KABBB, in which he can be heard telling himself off.

While he is often given a hard time, the general consensus is that Barrylad is a very good guy.

Notable Quotes

"Jesus fucking Christ, alright. I was just venting. I don't need people questioning whether or not we're friends because you have no fucking clue, other than me telling you that we are in fact very good friends."

"Every now and then a ridiculously overdramatic debate bogs the forum down between more frequent users such as myself and brand new/longer standing users. It's completely juvenile and is usually started by grumpy bastards who need something to whinge about so they start proclaiming elitists or favouritism or some other nonsense that you would be annoyed about if it happened in a government body or multinational company, NOT a forum with 2000 users but I digress. Creating an exclusive forum for more frequent posters might just wind people up. I'm not saying they are right, but I couldn't be arsed listening to them."

"We all love the pretty Irish an Irishman...I prefer our gorgeous girls even more than potatoes OR EVEN BOOZE!!
well maybe not guiness...
(I'm not sure what the ladies' aversion to me is, though)"