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K.P. Pilkoids

Flipside TV is a television programme broadcast by Channel 4, Nation 277 and Paramount Comedy 1 in the UK. Karl Pilkington was sometimes a guest on the show.


The show is broadcast live and includes a presenter and three guests, each with their own television and digital satellite receiver. The guests "flip" through the many hundreds of satellite channels looking for something interesting. If something interesting is found the channel is then broadcast live on the show. Flipside TV had a daily slot for two weeks on Channel 4 where it was broadcast between 0000 and 0200 hours.

Regular Guests/Presenters

  • Iain Lee
  • Richard Bacon
  • Justin Lee Collins
  • Michael Holden
  • Sam Delaney
  • Boyd Hilton
  • James Brown
  • Caroline Ashton
  • Ed Hall
  • Alan Carr