Get A Lobe Of This

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In this segment of Educating Ricky, Karl relayed a story about a girl from "quite a bit back" who had been deaf for four years and was fighting with her mother. When her mother pushed her against the wall and she banged her head, she regained her hearing. Ricky was upset that Karl was satisfied that the girl's cure had "no explanation." Karl then tried to further educate Ricky and Steve by teaching them that bees are deaf. They also found that unsatisfactory, likening Karl's tactic to answering a question by running away.

A more recent story, albeit with an obvious explanation, occurred in the UK.<ref></ref> Karl's claim about bees is patently incorrect,<ref></ref> although it may be something he extrapolated from the fact that bees lack a typanal organ, which is similar to the human eardrum and is found in some insects.<ref></ref> Rather than a tympanal organ, bees detect sound with a Johnston's organ.<ref></ref>