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The Innovations Catalogue was available in the United Kingdom as a source of eccentric and unusual gifts, like the Abs Master, automated tie racks, and one-size-fits-all galoshes. The company went out of business in 2003, after being in circulation for nearly 20 years.

The Catalogue made an appearance on the 19 April 2003 show in which Ricky, Steve, and Claire Sturgess flipped through one, and made fun of a doll for sale named "Dearest Rose". Ricky and Claire each admitted to purchasing cannisters of oxygen from the catalogue earlier in their lives.

Karl references the Catalogue in his diary on the bonus podcast and how he likes items in it, like "one big slipper".

A BBC news article quoted Ricky Gervais as saying, ""I'm a gadget geek. I flick through the Innovations Catalogue and think: 'That'd give me the edge over other men!'"

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