Mars bah bah bah

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mars bah bah bah

Forum mod, present

Previous usernames: none

Nickname(s): mbbb, marsy

Pilkipedia Accomplishments:

Co-host, Knockinabahbahbah (KABBB), a popular chat-based podcast.

Co-host, Stuff About Things, a special event chat podcast.


If the "rep points" system is any reliable unit of measurement, mars bah bah bah is the most popular forum member, an accolade he attempts to dodge. An Australian who has relocated to Canada, mars bah bah bah has been heavily involved in the forum since joining in 2006, helping start a number of game-based threads including the early "Pilkipedia Challenges" and "Mars Demand". He is also, to anyone's knowledge, the only owner of a Pilkipedia hoodie. Since becoming a mod in 2012, his involvement in the forum has gotten heavier, but he hasn't - he shed an estimated eighty pounds in 2012. He loves to sing and has met several lucky Pilkipedians in person.

Notable Quotes

"Considering it's the middle of winter and I need a pair of big, waterproof boots to trudge daily through ice and snow in, they're perfectly nice boots. Expensive, too. Go fuck yourselves you absolute fucking deadbeat cunts."

"Have fun with the inevitable mental breakdown and desperate isolation and betrayal, faggot."

"Sometimes when a man has needs, he needs to take care of those needs."