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a.k.a. Oggy
Name Nathan
Job Reprobate
First Episode Downsize
Last Episode Interview
Episode count 3
Portrayed by Stephen Merchant

Nathan, more commonly known as Oggy or as The Oggmonster, is a friend of Gareth Keenan, Jimmy the Perv and Fish Fingers. Oggy, along with the rest of "Gareth's Crew" have been described by Gareth as being a bit "mad" and "mental". He was also notable for his abnormal height and "goggle-eyes".


When Nathan was five years old, he was plagued with an eye stigmatism which made his eyes appear more bulbous than regular eyes. (Charity)

Season 1

Gareth discussed how after the previous night of his drunken mishaps down Chasers, he would be having a night out with Oggy which he pointed out would probably not be a quiet night in the library. What they did remains a mystery. (Downsize)

Season 2

After the downsizing of the Slough branch and the incorporation of the Swindon branch, Gareth received a phone call from Oggy on his mobile. The two seem to have a pig-based in-joke as Gareth began repeatedly chanting into his phone "Oggy Oggy Oggy, oink oink oink", which amused them and annoyed Gareth's then present co-worker Tim Canterbury. Upon hanging up, Tim jokingly inquired if Gareth still kept in touch with Oggy and asked how he was. Gareth replied pointing out that Tim doesn't even know Oggy. Tim, joking again, comments that Oggy sounds great, to which Gareth confirms that he is. (Merger)

Tim also addressed and took issue with Gareth's chanting whenever Oggy rang which led to a brief power struggle between the two. (Merger)

David Brent meets Oggy. (Charity)

On Red Nose Day, Oggy arrived at Wernham-Hogg offices with Jimmy the Perv dressed in white coats claiming they had come for Gareth because he had "escaped". Oggy stood by and chuckled as Jimmy took advantage of Dawn Tinsley's "Pound for a Kiss" charity by paying pound after pound for kisses. However Oggy did not participate in the offer.

Gareth came and greeted his cohorts, proclaiming them as "mad" and then introduced them to his boss David Brent. David instantly began dishing out jokes about Oggy's height which Oggy took in jest. However when David referred to him as a "lanky, goggle-eyed freak", Oggy was offended by David drawing attention to his eye problems. He pointed out that he was decent and had not insisted on pointing out David's weight or calling him "whale man", to which David defended himself by pointing out he doesn't call himself "the mong boy". Oggy corrected him that he calls himself "The Oggmonster"; still David did not want to call him this and asked him what his real name was. Oggy answered, tearfully, with Nathan. Then, still visibly hurt by David's comments about his eyes, he stormed out the office crying which led to an uncomfortable silence in the office. (Charity)

A few days later, Oggy rang Gareth's office phone while Gareth was working. Gareth put Oggy on speakerphone, which visibly annoyed Tim once again. Upon learning he was on speakerphone Oggy yelled "Tits!" which greatly amused him and Gareth and asked if anyone had heard it. Oggy inquired if Gareth was coming to Chasers that evening for Gobbler's birthday to which Gareth replied he definitely would be attending. As Gareth said goodbye, Oggy yelled "Cuntfeatures!" which again greatly amused him and Gareth. (Interview)


  • Oggy's episode count (as of Christmas Special Part 2) is 3.
  • Oggy was one of the first characters named in the series, however he was not seen until Charity.
  • Stephen Merchant also voiced the character Paul Shepherd on David Brent's answering machine in Work Experience. However, this character is not to be confused with Oggy as they have completely different names.
  • Merchant also played Jeff in "The Office Values" and "Realising Potential", however these videos may not be canon.
  • Furthermore, Merchant also played a character in "Seedy Boss", the original demo for The Office.
  • David Brent belives Nathan is a "good name". However, if he sincerely believes this is still open to debate.
  • No make-up or prosthetics were used to create the character's trademark image of being a lanky, goggle-eyed freak.

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