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Pilki networker, social media guress

Previous usernames:

Nickname(s): essdub, meesh

Pilkipedia Accomplishments:

Co-host, 30 Rockast, a podcast dedicated to NBC sitcom "30 Rock", which appeared on LoudySpeak

Creator of "A Lesson You Learned Today" thread


Describing StopWhinging without a host of superlatives is nearly impossible. This American from the Los Angeles area has not only met Ricky Gervais AND Steve Merchant, but she also once attended a taping of the Ellen DeGeneres show and won a trip to Antigua for her birthday. Her renowned networking skills (she has met over a dozen Pilkis in person) have been a tremendous value to Pilkipedia as she operates the social networking side of the site: the Facebook page and the Twitter account.

Her writing work can regularly be seen on In addition to the 30 Rockast, she has made notable appearances on LoudySpeak podcasts KABBB and huitlacoche.

Notable Quotes

"I was putting a rubber band around some coin but the rubber band busted and the coins went everywhere, and two rolls of quarters landed on my foot. I DID NOT CRY. Later, my bff coworker was excited to leave early and threw his keys against this mini barrier between himself and myself, but the keys flew over the barrier and hit me on the mouth. I DID CRY. He felt soooooo bad he got me yogurtland. That was my day."

"...she's just telling me the same theories on why her stupid ex is stupid and what are the possible reasons he broke up with her and the possible outcomes if she would have moved to be with him. FFS WOMAN YOU TELL ME THIS EVERY SINGLE DAY."

"I hate FRANK."