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Those Sparky Bubb boys, Suede

Suede were a popular and important English rock band of the 1990s that helped start the Britpop musical movement of the decade. Through their several incarnations, they were able to consistently put out albums that charted well, while still holding the respect of critics. Though they never achieved great success in North America, they were arguably as big in the UK in the 90s (at least in terms of popularity) as The Smiths were in the 80s, or Roxy Music in the 70s.

A common myth is that before they landed a record deal they were managed by Ricky Gervais, although the truth is that Gervais helped Suede book gigs, along with two other Events Coordinators from London universities. Gervais did give a demo to Saul Galpharn of Nude Records however, who signed Suede. Gervais was relieved of his managerial duties thereafter, and took it well, describing it as "business, innit". He maintained his interest in the band, his favourite song being the 8 minute classic, Stay Together. He frequently played their tracks on Xfm.

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