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The Daily Telegraph was founded in 1855, and is one of only two remaining daily British broadsheet newspapers, along with the Financial Times. Its sister paper, The Sunday Telegraph, was founded in 1961. In November 2005, the Telegraph was the highest selling British broadsheet, with a certified average daily circulation of 904,955. This compared with a circulation of 692,581 for The Times, 261,193 for The Independent, and 378,618 for The Guardian. According to a MORI survey conducted in 2004, 61% of Telegraph readers were Conservative Party supporters compared with 31% of the general population.[1]

Karl's Interview

Karl's first ever interview was published by The Sunday Telegraph on 17th September, 2006[2]. The interview (entitled 'The Idiot Philosopher') featured 3 extracts from Karls book The World of Karl Pilkington which is due for release on the 18th September. One of the reasons mentioned why the interview took place was to test the speculation that Karl is actually a scripted comic character created by Stephen Merchant and Ricky Gervais. The interview itself consited of a conversation between the interviewer and Karl outside a cafe in Regents Park. Such conversation topics included Steve and Rickys apparent bullying of Karl, how Karl met Rick and their relationship now, marriage, Karl's school and work life, Shylock and The Merchant of Venice, medicine and euthanasia, mankinds interference in evolution, organ donation and nakedness.

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