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A pot-bellied pig

Vera is a Vietnamese pot-bellied pig that is the highlight in one of Stephen Merchants's most notorious anecdotes told on 19 January 2002. The story goes that when Steve was younger and had just got his license, he was the designated driver at a party. A girl Steve fancied was at the party.

A Volvo 760 Estate of the era (1982 - 1990)

When the party goers (including the girl) wanted to go pick up "Vera", he gladly obliged, ready to impress. After riding in Steve's Volvo Estate into the country while listening to Billy Ocean (or Billy Joel), the party arrived at a farm. The passengers got out of the car running and shouted "Vera! Vera!", which was revealed to be a pot-bellied pig when they came back. Steve, feeling the peer pressure, allowed the pig in his car, and continued to drive the party for some cow tipping. Eventually, they wanted to return. Steve attempted to perform a three point turn on a narrow country road and got himself wedged horizontally, stuck on the road. He immediately became distressed, thinking a helicopter with a magnet would have to free them. He began gently weeping. Another boy (who the girl Steve fancied had her eye on), managed to rectify the situation and freed the car.