War Do You Think of That?

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War Do You Think of That? was a short-lived feature during the second series of Xfm Shows. It was not dissimilar to Educating Ricky; however this version was supposed to be focused more on events of war.

  • The first was a small story about a chess expert called in during World War II to help out with war maneuvers.
  • The second was about the first bomb being dropped on Berlin. Apparently, the only victim was an elephant.
  • The last was about the French during World War II. Everyone needed a code to give the go-ahead to "go into battle and stuff." Their code for "Right, yep, go on" was, "John's got a moustache." Karl didn't think it was a very good code and said, "it was a bit daft, and could've been said by mistake".

This feature contained what may be Karl's most distinguished and angry "I can't be bothered".

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