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BBC 6 Music
This article refers to the Russell Brand shows that Karl was briefly involved with. For Steve's 6Music Shows, see The Steve Show.

In December 2005 Russell Brand and Karl Pilkington presented three one-off shows on BBC 6Music. The pair were filling in for 6Music DJ Nemone, and were broadcast from 10pm-1am.

Later in April 2006, Russell Brand was given a regular Sunday afternoon slot on the station which replaced Liz Kershaw's show. Karl Pilkington was advertised as being his co-host and even appeared with him on the first few shows. However Karl mysteriously disappeared from the show, leaving some to speculate about a falling out between Pilkington and Brand. The actual reason for Karl's departure, as confirmed by Brand's co-presenter Trevor Lock, is that 6Music's desire to release a downloadable podcast of the show conflicted with Karl's commitment to The Ricky Gervais Show podcast. Karl has since appeared (via the phone) on The Russell Brand Show, talking about his holiday visit to a historic resort in Lyme Regis, Dorset and his recent viewing of Brokeback Mountain. Brand's 6Music radio show has placed as high as number two in the iTunes most-subscribed podcast chart.

27 December 2005

note annoying msn sounds recorded

28 December 2005

1. Fit Dogs
Karl talks about dogs who aid epileptics.

2. Going Out with David Bowie
Karl wonders what it be like to spend an evening with David Bowie.

3. No Love Eggs In The Morning
Russell and Karl talk about sexual fetishes.

4. Losing Your Head
Karl, if you're decapitated is it your body or head that lives for thirty seconds?

5. Restless Leg Syndrome
Too much ice cream is making Karl kick Suzanne during the night. Not enough heroin made Russell have the same experience.

6. Street Theatre
Karl: They're getting in the way ...statues aren't dying out.

7. Philip Salon's History of Punk
Russell to talks to Philip Salon, who was present at the dawn of punk.

8. Collective Intelligence Theory
How to win the Guess The Beans competition at the fete...

9. Harry Potter and the Half-Bald Prince
Karl moans about Harry Potter going on too long, and Russell feels smug about Prince Harry's baldness.

10. Smokey and The Vim
Karl explains the theories behind his baldness.

11. Crime and Punishment
Russell: I was stealing porn at an all-night garage...

12. Half A Person
Russell tells the true story of Morrissey being rude to a child.

13. Kiddy Kindness
Russell explains to Karl why we must always be nice to children.

14. Council Tax
Russell tells a story about John Noel, his and Karl's agent.

15. Fight For Fashion
Karl and Russell talk about their attitudes towards fashion.

16. Friendships and Lift Shafts
Karl talks about Simon and Garfunkel's experiments in the lift shaft.

29 December 2005

1. Introductions
Russell says what's coming up in the show, innit.

2. The Furniture of Christ
Russell resents The Passion of The Christ's implication that Jesus invented the dinner table.

3. The Buddist's Plum
Karl experiments with a fruity Buddist.

4. Alienated and Confused
Karl explains the rules and prizes of Rockbusters.

5. Rockbusters (29 Dec 2005)
Karl gives the clues for Rockbusters

6. Rockbusters Answers (29 Dec 2005)
Karl's clues are answered instantly so he challenges the listeners to make better ones.

7. The Phone's Brainer Than Me
Karl's predictive text computes 'aint' into 'biotechnology'.

8. Pludering Jupitus
Russell and Karl rob from Phil Jupitus' desk.

9. Carpe Diem
Karl wonders why Russell can retain more information that he can.

10. Accents
Karl talks about the diluted Mancunian accent.

11. Young Doctors
I thought I had a dicky pancrease but I'd just eaten six tangerines

12. Nigel Webb vs Karl Pilkington
Karl tries to answer Nigel Webb's Rockbuster's clues.

13. Doctor Ho
A Suffolk gardener calls in because he thinks he sounds like Roger Moore.

14. He'd Never Nick a Splein
Russell talks about working as a scab mailman during a postal strike.

15. Royal Lizards
Russell and Karl discuss the theories of David Icke.

16. Boswell, Area 51-55
Karl talks about the alien secrets of the USA.

17. It's My E=MC2
Rockbusters is Karl's greatest achievement.

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