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The goggle-eyed freak finally got his own show

This article refers to The Steve Show. For the radio shows that Karl Pilkington did with Russell Brand, see 6Music Shows.

The Steve Show was the unofficial name for Steve's show on BBC 6Music, which ran from January 2007 to April 2009. In the show, Steve was joined by long-time friends Dan, Harry, and Rufus who were, in the best possible sense, nobodies. The show focused on music more than banter but was not without its comedic and anecdotal elements. Steve brought some old Xfm features into his show, including Hip-Hop Hooray and Mr. Cover Cover (formerly known as Cover Me Up on Xfm). The show also introduced many of its own unique features such as 'Songs to Seduce Women By','The Fiendishly Difficult Music Question', and 'Songs to Nurse a Broken Heart'.

Due to its early "laddish" nature, Steve and his mates conducted a search for a "She-J" in the spring of 2007, accepting tapes and mp3s from women wanting to join them regularly in the studio. Ultimately Steve and his mates selected Sammy who quickly became an essential part of the team.

On April 2009, Steve announced the end of The Steve Show, saying they had no further plans for a show on 6Music and citing the need for a break in order to work on a movie (Cemetery Junction) with partner Ricky Gervais. The 6Music bids him a fond farewell on their site: "Our man's off to glamorous tinseltown, where the Hollywood execs will puzzle over what on earth he's talking about with that Brizzle accent! Bon voyage, Stephen, see you at 6 Music again soon...remember, we understand you!".

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