Cheap as Chimps

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Cheap as Chimps was a spin-off of Monkey News, created as a sort of insurance, in case there "hadn't been much Monkey News that week". It involved Karl finding out how much a chimp cost, and how many bananas a day they needed. The feature only ran for a couple of episodes (in 2003), never really having legs. The reason Karl gave for winding it up was that investigative journalist Donal McIntyre had nicked the idea for a BBC show. And he found out on a highly illegal website that chimps weren't cheap.

The first Cheap as Chimps was in Episode 53 (15 March 2003).

The Donal McIntyre show was called The Trade in Rare Mountain Gorillas - Rwanda and was broadcast as part of his MacIntyre Investigates series, televised in April 2003