Forrest Gump In A Wheelie Bin

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Forrest Gump In A Wheelie Bin is a story which Karl originally told on the 13 April 2002 show.

Allegedly, while Karl's Dad was a taxi driver he was responsible for taking "Forrest Gump" people to Blackpool as a part of the taxi company's yearly charity event. As he was taking a group of five of them, one of them started "getting out of hand". To "nip it in the bud," Karl's Dad put the boy into a wheelie bin. According to Karl, "he did it for the good of the others" and "it was having a good time, it thought it was one of the rides". The man in question was in the bin for approximately one and a half hours before he was picked up for the journey home. Karl's Dad was never asked to take part in the charity events again.

After his initial telling of the story, Karl received some complaints, causing him to be reluctant to repeat the story, despite Ricky bringing it up often - especially when Karl's Dad is mentioned.

Shows Featured In

13 April 2002 - 51:04
19 October 2002 - 12:40
21 December 2002 - 21:40 (brief mention)
28 December 2002 (Best Of) - 8:20
22 February 2003 (Best Of) - 45:17