Ian Camfield

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Ian Camfield is a current Xfm and former K-ROCK DJ occasionally referred to on the show. Ricky and Steve describe him as a would-be rock god and a junior Vance. In recent years, Ian has found a degree of success as a rock DJ in America and even interviewed Ricky while he was in New York filming Ghost Town.

However, after a year hosting on K-ROCK, the station changed to a more classic rock-based format. It was because of this that Camfield decided to leave. It was announced in December 2008 that he would return to Xfm after a year's exile[1]. He also briefly hosted The Rock Top 10 on VH1.

Ricky and Steve would commonly joke that he was about 14 years old, and once had an argument with him over whether or not Led Zeppelin were better than Black Sabbath. Ricky also recalls an occasion on which he was mocking the TV show The A Team and Camfield angrily burst into the studio to defend it.

He stood in for Karl on 20 December 2003. During the show Ricky and Steve made him choose his 'four pillars of rock and the king who stands astride them'.