Jonathan Ross

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Jonathan Ross

Date of Birth 17 November 1960
Place of Birth Camden, London
Education University of London
Occupation Television and Radio Presenter
Partner Jane Goldman
Parents Martha Ross
Children Betty Kitten
Harvey Kirby
Honey Kinny

Jonathan Stephen Ross is a television and radio presenter and film critic. Over the years following Ricky's rise to stardom, he and Ricky Gervais have become good friends. In November of 2003, Ross gave Gervais a kitten after Gervais's previous cat Colin had died. The cat's name is Ollie and this incident was the topic of great mocking by Stephen Merchant shortly thereafter.

On 15 December 2001 Jonathan walked into the Xfm studio while Ricky was on air. He proceeded to flash his genitalia much to the disgust and amusement of the presenters. After a brief chat, he gave Ricky tickets to that night's British Comedy Awards which he presented.


Ross is best known for his chat show, Friday Night with Jonathan Ross which was on the air from November 2001 to July 2010 and was the most popular chatshow of the decade. Ross is also well known for his work as a radio presenter with shows on BBC Radio 1, Virgin Radio, and recently a Saturday morning show on BBC Radio 2 which has been on the air since 1999. He fell into controversy for comments made about Andrew Sachs on 18 October 2008 with fellow radio presenter, Russell Brand. Ross received a 12 week suspension and Brand resigned from hosting his radio show due to the ensuing scandal.


Ross appeared as himself in the sixth episode of the second series of Extras. His character befriends Andy Millman after he made an appearance on his chat show. His new found friend causes Andy to abandon his old friend Maggie. The fictional friendship is a parody of the real life friendship between Gervais and Ross.


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