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The UK Cover
Author Karl Pilkington
Type Hardcover
Pages 224
Publication Date 1 October 2008 (UK), 20 October 2008 (US)
Publisher Dorling Kindersley Publishers Ltd (UK) DK ADULT (US)
ISBN 978-1405333351 (UK)

Karlology is the third book by Karl Pilkington. It is about what Karl has learned throughout his life. It was released in October 2008.


From Amazon:

This book offers an irreverent look at culture and learning from cult author Karl Pilkington. Drawing from visits to national museums, galleries and places of cultural interest, Karl Pilkington explores the world of knowledge from his own unique viewpoint. Read Karl's irreverent exploration of each subject, approached with his inimitable combination of innocent wonder and cheeky wisdom. Karl quizzes the world's top experts and teasing out insights with hilariously naive and muddled questions. This is a hilarious new book from the author of bestselling "The World of Karl Pilkington" and "Happyslapped by a Jellyfish".

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