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Karl's Blog was started on 08 September 2008 by Karl Pilkington as a promotion for his book, Karlology. The blog ran for ten and a half weeks. He wrote daily entries for five weeks straight, of course taking each weekend off for holidays. For the last five weeks he wrote an entry every few days. His last entry was on 19 November 2008 and the blog has since been removed from his website.

List of Episodes

Week Dates
Karlology Blog Week 1 08 September - 12 September
Karl tests out his new blog and whinges about how nowt ever happens to him worth writing about. Throughout the week he discusses Siamese twins, the big bang machine and intelligent broccoli.
Karlology Blog Week 2 15 September - 19 September
Topics of discussion for this week's blog entries include: octopus, pirates, art, aliens, and ants. Karl is also still trying to wrap his mind around the big bang machine that is rumoured to lead to the end of the world.
Karlology Blog Week 3 22 September - 26 September
This week Karl delves into more alien talk, moans about London, and discusses whales, money, and David Blaine.
Karlology Blog Week 4 29 September - 03 October
Karl recounts his normal day as one of Ricky's mates. He's also learning more facts from participants in the Learn Me Something Here competition.
Karlology Blog Week 5 06 October - 10 October
Karl is annoyed this week because Suzanne is ill and Ricky keeps talking pictures of him with his iPhone. He has also found some Monkey News in the week about chimps serving food and drinks.
Karlology Blog Weeks 6-7 14 October - 27 October
After the book's release the blog entries become more sporadic. He's decided to only write an entry when he has something to say. He skipped a day when all he did was change a water filter.
Karlology Blog Weeks 8-10 30 October - 19 November
In the final blog entries, Karl discusses television, armadillos, cloning, Scrabble, and, of course, monkeys. The last entry recounts Karl's efforts to create a makeshift studio with duvets so the Holy Trinity of Comedy could make more podcasts.