Maggie the Magpie

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Maggie the Magpie is one of many pets Karl had as a child. Maggie was a wild Magpie that Karl managed to "tame" and keep as his own. Karl mentions in an interview with Total Film that he "could relate to (the film 'Kes') 'cos (he) had a pet magpie called Maggie". It was often abusive toward Karl, pecking his head and popping the tyres on his Grifter bike ("it got too familiar and a bit violent"), Karl saying in the same interview that it was probably because of his habit of feeding it toffees. He once took it to school to show everybody and it flew away, never to return (Ricky speculating that a look at some of his classmates might have scared it away).

Mentions on the Show

  • 08 December 2001: Karl mentions he had a pet magpie for the first time, but does not go into detail on the relationship.
  • 02 March 2002: Karl goes into detail about his relationship with Maggie and talks about the time he brought it to school.
  • 31 August 2002: During a re-introduction to Karl, Maggie is brought up once again.